I Want to Remember


I was looking through old photos and got a familiar ache,

the ache you get when you miss someone from your past.

I know it’s cliche, but I’m discovering it’s true,

that babies grow up fast.


Right now, I count down the hours until nap time comes,

so I can pick up, sit down, and do what “needs” to be done.

I rush through the days, I clean, and I cook,

When, really, I just need to sit with you, snuggle, and read a book.

Because I’m realizing with a heart-stabbing pain,

that you’re growing up,

and you’ll never be this small again.

The days are long, emotions run high,

yet, at the same time, the years fly by.


Oh I want to remember, and never forget

the way you climb in my lap and lay your head on my chest.

But only for a moment, and then you run away

you’re squealing and laughing, wanting to be chased.


I want to remember your sweet little words,

which ones are especially cute, and which ones you said first.

I want to remember you blowing kisses and saying “wub you” in bed at night.

I know someday it will just be a quick hug and you’ll say “love you” right.

I want to remember your little round cheeks, long lashes, your little button nose,

your sweet dimpled hands, and tiny, round toes.

I want to remember every tiny thing. The things that make me smile, laugh, and cry,

Because, no matter what, the years will continue to go by.

I shouldn’t wish these times away,

Because someday you’ll be grown, and I’ll wish you could stay.

Oh, I want to remember these short years

where the days seem so long, and often end in tears.

Though, yes, the days are hard, a memory is what I can’t lack

because I just know, someday, I’ll wish for my little toddler back.


Keep growing, my little love, be wild, and don’t lose

your spark.

Even though the growing breaks my heart,

I will be sure to notice, really notice, you;

I’ll watch you learn and play,

take in all the new words you say.

I want to notice and take stock of all of you,

because the years fly by, it’s true.


So one day when you’re grown, and I’m in Life’s winter,

I can smile, look back…and remember.